Light advertising

        You get noticed, seen, observed and You become popular- this is what light advertising does.
We can do different kind of light advertising- 3D lettering, light boxes, pylons and other types of light advertising produced by us will obtain the desired effect both in- and outdoors. We can develop a full project A-Z, get it accepted with the necessary instances, design and produce light advertising as well as carry out the installation. We offer a wide selection of sign systems for outdoor use, where every detail is both designed and manufactured in the purpose of sustaining a long life in a harsh environment. We can make everything from traditional signage systems with billboard panels fitted on legs, to large freestanding so-called monoliths.
        Those signs can be made with different types of lighting, either inside the sign itself or with exposed fittings. Characteristics of all our systems are made inhouse where we can control high quality combined with a fast and flexible production. In production we use different types of materials, which will best suit your needs- steel, aluminium, wood, LED lighting and different plastics- PMMA, PC, PET etc.