Printing is what we do and what we like to do. The most advanced large format printing equipment and many years of professional experience provide fast and high-quality performance. We print on all types of roll and sheet materials. Roll materials:
  • Textiles;
  • Adhesive films;
  • PVC banners;
  • Mesh banners;
  • Backlit banners;
  • Rollup materials;
  • Photo wallpapers;
  • Paper;
  • Canvas;
  • and others.
Sheet materials:
  • Aluminium compsite;
  • Acrylic sheets PMMA;
  • Other plastic sheets- PVC, PC, PET, foam PVC, Stadur etc;
  • Wood sheets- plywood, wood, MDF, HDF, LDF etc;
  • Glass and glass products;
  • and others.
We have capacity of printing with about 3`000 sqm per day. Our machines print in CMYK +Lc +Lm +W.