Interior is the best place where to show individuality and style of your company and your products. We do interrior aloumst in all places-
  • on the wall as wallpapers, brochure halders, product dispensers etc.;
  • on floor as freestanding information source, presentation place for new products or as POS stands- “point of sale” and generally implies (temporary) advertising materials deployed in retail areas. These can both provide additional exposure to your product or actually present the product itself (such as shelves and stands).
  • or even attached to ceiling as direction signs, emergency lines, extra information if not possible to attach to shelf;
  •         We can both realize your existing designs or develop individual ones, what will best suit your needs. POS materials can be produced from different metals, plastic (PMMA, PET, PVC etc), wood, cardboard and lot of other materials. We are very flexible in stand production, because we control whole production cycle from A to Z, see our machines section- CNC router, LED expreince, bending machines, printing machines UV and ecosolvent etc. all what is important for it.