Large format printing

It is not easy to be seen in an information-filled space and time. However high quality visual communication tools can help you to get the attention of both existing and potential clients. Large format printing ensures that you will never go unnoticed.

We offer high quality printing. Any picture, text or symbol can be printed in any size. Representation of any tone or semitone will be nuanced in any work – in a colorful drawing, black and white superscription or misty landscape. We offer:

  • UV printing on sheet material,
  • banner and poster printing,
  • photo printing,
  • flatbed printing.

You will no longer have to provide people with a detailed description of your location – with the appropriate large format printing tools, they will see for themselves where you are and who you are. 


Only materials of the highest quality are used, and when combined with the latest printing technologies and experienced and professional experts, the outcome will satisfy any client. And what’s more, bypassers will also notice these printed pictures and headings.

AVMM offers a wide variety of materials for best quality printing.

Imprinting can be done on the following sheet materials:

  • aluminium composite material (DIBOND, NEOBOND),
  • acrylic glass,
  • Plastic,
  • sandwich foam board (STADUR).
  • wood,
  • plywood.

The following soft materials can be imprinted: 

  • adhesive film, 
  • photo wallpapers, 
  • canvas, 
  • fabric, 
  • PVC banners and films, 
  • paper and cardboard.

Different needs require different materials. One will be a perfect solution indoors, whereas others will not only look great in the hot sun in July, but also in the ice and wind of winter. Our experts will give you the appropriate advice for every situation. We will provide instructions on how best to clean and take care of the materials, so your new visual identity looks fresh and appealing for a long time to come.


It is not easy to stand out in a space which is already filled with information. Large format prints can offer great solutions. This is your chance to make your potential client notice you even unconsciously.

There are almost no limits to the use of these prints. However, they can most frequently be seen on:

  • advertising stands indoors and outdoors,
  • interior and outdoor design,
  • posters,
  • banners,
  • adhesive films,
  • POS stands,
  • lightbox ads,
  • packaging,
  • textile materials,
  • facade panels for buildings. 

Printed objects can be located both indoors and outdoors. Our experienced experts will help you to choose the best material and size for your specific needs. The preferred resolution of the picture depends on the size and the quality of the intended result – together we will find the best way to fulfill your dream!


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