UV printing

UV print is digital print which uses UV rays. This print is done on a rigid material. By using the latest printing technologies, we make sure that the picture looks great and enhances your visibility. Any picture, text or symbol can be printed in any size. Representation of any tone or semitone will be nuanced in any work – in a colorful drawing, black and white superscription or misty landscape. You will no longer have to provide people with a detailed description of your location, because they will see for themselves! 

UV printing materials

High quality materials are used for UV printing. When combined with the latest printing technologies in collaboration with highly qualified experts, a perfect outcome is guaranteed. UV printing can be done on:

  • aluminium composite materials (DIBOND, NEOBOND),
  • acrylic glass, 
  • plastic,
  • wood,
  • plywood,
  • sandwich foam board (STADUR).

The choice of material depends on the planned use of the intended object – together we will find the option that suits your needs perfectly. The thickness of the material can be up to 50 mm. The maximum standard size of the material plate is 3.2m x 4m, but thinner and smaller material plates can be used as well. However, if the intended picture is bigger, we can combine as many plates as necessary to fulfill your vision in any size and shape.

Advantages of UV printing

All over the world, UV prints are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because they offer a wide range of advantages to satisfy even the most demanding clients:


  • LED drying is used in this printing technology, therefore the material is not exposed to high temperatures. This is especially important if a thin, fragile material is chosen for printing;
  • Rigid print materials are resistant to scratches;
  • Printing materials are resistant to changing weather. It does not matter if it is a cold winter, hot summer or wet and windy autumn – the prints will look terrific anytime;
  • The new visual communication object can be used right after the printing – there is no need to wait for drying. Print in the morning, and by the mid-day the new product will improve your interior or outdoor design, your advertisement stand or any other object.


The printing of any resolution is possible – our expert will advise you on the appropriate resolution to achieve the intended quality and size. Together, we will choose the most suitable material, size and post-processing in order to achieve the vision that you have imagined.