Custom Photo Print

Custom photo printing can be a wonderful present, advertising medium, interior and exterior element at home, as well as in hotels, shops and other commercial buildings. To achieve the best result, we work with the latest printing technologies, which brighten up both black and white and colorful pictures. Photos of any size will represent tones and semitones in high quality regardless of the choice of photo – they can be bright, colorful, black and white, greyish or with nuanced pastel transitions. Amateur photos from personal archives, professional pictures, portraits of people and animals, bright urban landscapes, greyish natural images are all suitable for imprinting. With these pictures, even the simplest room can acquire the atmosphere of an art gallery. Large format printing can be done on:

  • wood,
  • aluminium composite material,
  • acrylic glass,
  • canvas.

The required image resolution depends on the intended quality and the size of the outcome. Our experienced and professional experts will help to find the best solution for any client. No special treatment, cleaning products or specific knowledge are needed to keep the imprinted photo clean. The most suitable way of cleaning depends on the material in question.

Large format photo printing size

Photo printing can be done on areas as small as 20×20 cm, but the biggest ones can span several square meters. The maximum standard sizes of sheets for different materials are as follows:

  • wood – 3×1.5 m,
  • aluminium composite material – 4×2 m,
  • acrylic glass – 3×1.5 m,
  • canvas – 1×1.8 m.


When your fantasy and needs are combined with our experience and technological resources, a dream of any size and shape can come true. Many different material sheets can be combined to make a picture as big as a football field.

Standart sizes and prices for large photo printing


Take a look at our works and make sure that we have the best quality photo prints!

Installation of the picture

Every imprinted object already contains its own installation system:

  • Before printing, a base with  the fastening points in the wood material is embedded. Along with the printed image, the client receives a template on paper that will help mark the hole drilling locations before fastening to the wall;
  • Pictures on aluminium composite material and acrylic glass already have aluminium J-shape mounting and special L-shaped screws with dowels.
  • Canvas has embedded mountings on the back of the frame.

Only a drill and a spirit level are needed to turn the new picture into an interior object, an advertisement or an educational material on the wall. Installation of the picture does not require any specific knowledge – anyone who is into DIY can do it.


We will make a high-quality photo print within 1-3 working days from your photos.

If you have questions about production, delivery or need help finding the perfect image, write us:

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Delivery throughout Latvia and the Baltics by DPD courier within 3-5 working days.

Worldwide delivery by DHL, FedEx within 3-9 business days.