Printing on plywood

Photo printing on wood is a great solution for rooms, if you want to see natural, but  high quality materials which are easy to clean and take care of. Imprinted wood will turn any space into a cozy room for gathering.

The latest printing technologies are used to achieve the best result, which will satisfy you and will make your guests remember the magic touch of the photo.

The printing on plywood can be done:

  • With white color printing – this photo will be identical to the one you can see on your camera, computer or smartphone. With help of the white color print, color brightness and shades stand out well;
  • Without white color printing – in this case, the background of the picture will be the plywood material, which will give the image the natural look of wood.

The plywood photo print is easy to take clean – sweeping with a wet cloth from time to time is the only procedure that is needed to make sure that the image is kept clean.


Take a look at our works and make sure that we have the best quality photo prints!

Imprinted material

Black and white photo, bright images, natural landscapes in pastels – any picture will look convincing on high quality plywood.

Printing is done on plywood sheets which are made in Latvia. The maximum standard size of the picture is 3×1.5 m. However, if many sheets are joined, there are no size limits.

Standart sizes and prices for photo printing on plywood

Square Prints

Size, cmRecommended resolutionPrice
20 x 20 cm800 x 800 px32.95 €
30 x 30 cm1200 x 1200 px49.95 €
40 x 40 cm1600 x 1600 px59.75 €
50 x 50 cm2000 x 2000 px74.95 €
60 x 60 cm3200 x 3200 px95.95 €
100 x 100 cm4000 x 4000 px150.95 €
120 x 120 cm4800 x 4800 px218.95 €

Landscape Prints

Size, cmRecommended resolutionPrice
30 x 20 cm1200 x 800 px41.95 €
40 x 30 cm1600 x 1200 px52.95 €
45 x 30 cm1800 x 1200 px55.95 €
60 x 40 cm2400 x 1600 px74.95 €
75 x 50 cm3000 x 2000 px113.95 €
90 x 60 cm3600 x 2400 px125.95 €
120 x 80 cm4800 x 3200 px150.95 €

Panoramic Prints

Size, cmRecommended resolutionPrice
80 x 40 cm3200 x 1600 px100.95 €
90 x 30 cm3600 x 1200 px100.95 €
All prices include VAT 21%

All sizes can be made both horizontally and vertically.


There is no need to worry about the installation of the picture. Before printing, a base with the fastening points in the wood material is embedded. Along with the printed image, the client receives a template on paper that will help mark the hole drilling locations before fastening to the wall.

Only a drill and a spirit level are needed to turn the new picture into an interior object, an advertisement or an educational material on the wall. Installation of the picture does not require any specific knowledge – anyone who is into DIY can do it.


We will make a high-quality photo print within 1-3 working days from your photos.

If you have questions about production, delivery or need help finding the perfect image, write us:

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Delivery throughout Latvia and the Baltics by DPD courier within 3-5 working days.

Worldwide delivery by DHL, FedEx within 3-9 business days.